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www.7icons.com is a big resource of icons, where you can purchase the icons which you have liked. You may use icons in your personal, commercial, and client projects, including advertising, web designs, software applications, on-line or multimedia projects, presentations, and film, video, and computer games.

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All icons come in the sizes:
256x256 pix
128x128 pix
64x64 pix
48x48 pix
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24x24 pix
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and in two color palettes:
true color
256 colors

free windows icons
Free windows icons

On our site you will find 109 icons, and their quantity is constantly increasing.

Looking for free icon or ico set? Browsing numerous free icon web sites to find suitable ico set to bring some attention to your blog, site or software application using ready icons?

Check out our collection small icon where you can find great ico set of ready icons that were created by professional free icon designers. All our ready icons are developed by graphic experts that took the whole free icon concept to the higher level, bringing the ready icons down to wonderful collection small icon or ico set. The ico set number you will find here outnumbers any other ico set on the web. The amount of ready icons we have exceeds the collection small icon or ico set on other sites.

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All our ico set collections enable you to download icons and ready icons sets in common web free icon formats and will bring your applications to their best appearance. Download icons on our free icon site and enjoy the ready icons and collection small icon.

New sets icons /8.02.2008/ all sets...

Kitchen appliances
icon set

50 icons - $39

Smile icon set

8 icons

Horoscope icon set

12 icons

Animal icon set

32 icons

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